Well fancy a trip down the Pulpit


Transport to the pit

We Can Help With Transportation

Well We Have Now Helped Set Up A Transportation Service To The Pit.



2 Comments on “Well fancy a trip down the Pulpit

  1. interesting place to visit. Not a lot of places to park would recommend getting there early. You will get dirty and very likely wet. Not accessible for a lot people with physical disabilities as it is a very steep narrow climb into the pools themselves.

  2. (Translated by Google) The water mixed with the red earth and in contrast with the green moss offers a beautiful place.
    The stairs to go down are dangerous.
    A very small car park at the end of the road allows to park the time of the discovery. Then walk along the road to the left, cross the bridge and it is a little further to the left. If you want to walk in the gorge, it is not deep here but it will be necessary to be barefoot or wet shoes.

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